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Yoram’s reputation, experience and expertise should prove invaluable assets for his clients.

Some years ago, Yoram Gil was invited to join the Art Dealers Association of California. In order to become a member of ADAC, one must be committed to the profession as a dealer in fine art who has earned an outstanding reputation in his community for integrity and expert knowledge.

At that time Yoram’s focus on introducing artists from Israel (among his American and Latin American roster) was unique to Los Angeles. It allowed us a window to another culture presented with dignity and professionalism. The fact that Yoram staged exhibitions of new and established artists was an outstanding benefit to these artists as well as to local museums, collectors, students and the community as a whole.

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I am pleased to have Yoram as a member of our professional organization. It should be noted that during his tenure at “galerie yoramgil”, apart from being a respected gallerist and having his own a special niche, Yoram was also known for his caring, his professional guidance and his hand-holding of all his artists.

Yoram’s reputation, experience and expertise should prove invaluable assets for him and his clients in his new endeavors as private dealer, consultant and artists’ mentor and career coach.

I have witnessed the success of Gil’s coaching

In my capacity as an art critic and curator working in southern California, I have known Yoram Gil for at least two decades, ever since he helped direct the Louis Newman Galleries. During the operation of his own gallerie yoramgil, I felt that Gil was providing Los Angeles a unique service – one that extended and built upon a program I’d admired- bringing artwork we were unlikely to see anywhere else in the region. It was artwork I’d familiarized myself with while living in New York and visiting Europe but had had faint hope of seeing in LA, no matter how worthy; yet here was this voluble and knowledgeable Israeli, displaying work he (and I) believed in before a notoriously fickle audience, riveting their attention and, ultimately, loyalty. Yoram was not just a dealer; he was a gallerist, a dealer with a vision, one for which he was willing — in fact had — to take risks.

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After over a decade of ground-breaking, deeply respected, critically welcomed, and economically viable exhibitions Yoram recognized when his gallery mission was done yet he remained compelled to continue his commitment and contribution to the art world.

In the last couple of years he has re-emerged as an “artist coach” and as an innovator in art marketing and communication. I have witnessed the success of Gil’s coaching, not simply helping mid-career artists reconsider their career trajectories, but helping them reconsider their studio practice as a publicly serious and personally fulfilling endeavor. And I have discussed with him at length, and increasing fascination, his ideas about reformulating the way business is conducted in the art world. In both cases, Gil has re-affirmed what can only be his moral commitment to the human need to make art — and the equally human need to live with art.

I know of very few individuals as qualified and dedicated to the profession as is Yoram Gil and I can think of no one better able to serve as coach, critic or advisor.

I have been deeply involved in the art world as a painter, sculptor, art educator and art administrator for the past 70 years. Having dealt with many artists, art dealers, museum officials and critics during this period, I know of very few individuals as qualified and dedicated to the profession as is Yoram Gil. He comes to it with an unusual understanding of art and the artists who make it. He is able to assess a situation with intelligence and wisdom whether it involves a question of aesthetics, sale of artwork or a career move. Yoram Gil is scrupulously honest in his dealings and judgments. I can think of no one better
able to serve as coach, critic or advisor.

Yoram’s vast experience shortened the time it took me to develop my skills

Steve LustigAfter a lifetime as a corporate communications professional in the medical and life science industries, I was eager to make my transition into a career as a sculptor and teacher.

I quickly realized that I needed what most professionals need: Good Help. I needed another set of experienced eyes and ears to help me down the path of a fine artist.

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Yoram Gil has been that help. He has been an invaluable asset in the development of my fine art career. His vast experience and clear insight into my work, my family, and the marketplace has shortened the time it took me to develop my skills as a fine artist.

He endeavored to get beyond the obvious and get me to understand who I am as a person, as an artist, and what I am fully capable of producing.

He has never failed to speak honestly about his observations of my work. His direct insights into my work are a great asset that I treasure in such a friend and mentor.

I generously recommend Yoram to anyone interested in professional development in the world of the fine art.

From the moment Yoram became involved, my art started selling

Nona Orbach

Yoram Gil has been following my artistic work for the past six years. He comes to Israel at least twice a year and visits me regularly at the studio. I eagerly look forward to each one of those meetings!

Every visit instills me with feelings of renewal, replenishment and enrichment. Yoram looks at each one of my works from the perspective of a passionate art lover. When he returns to the US, I continue communicating with him via telephone and e mail.

He knows and remembers my past artwork, and can establish connections between peices from different time periods, while pointing out new innovations.

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He does not spare me, or hold back comments, when he considers anything to be less than my best. He will voice his opinion frankly and clearly. But when he is convinced that a piece is good, he lets me know it. I have often set these aside for a few months, only to realize later how true his comments and opinions were.

When I find myself at a loss, I can always consult him, knowing that he will understand exactly what I am talking about. His ability to artistically identify with me derives from the fact that deep inside he is an artist too — a retired miniaturist.

Having actively been an artist, Yoram is familiar with artists’ concerns, worries and doubts. His ability to draw on his own experience enables him to better understand the loneliness of the artist during the creative process. This adds credible and authentic dimension to his remarks and advice.

From a financial/commercial perspective, my career is distinctively divided into two periods: before and after Yoram.

From the moment Yoram became involved, my art started selling.

Moreover, Yoram introduced me to the Jewish Museum where one of my video creations was purchased and became part of the permanent collection. The acquisition of this piece then opened the doors in Tokyo for me.

My acquaintance with Yoram has given me a deeper understanding of how the art world functions.

Thanks to his generosity, I have gained support in matters and areas that were not related to his own art gallery. He has been extremely helpful to me with the Japanese art world, to the extent that he even came to Tokyo, at his own expense, in order to assist me with my exhibitions there and to ascertain that my work was displayed in the appropriate manner while conforming to Japanese concepts.

Yoram is a person who likes to be actively involved. He is generous, and fully devotes himself to what he loves. And what he really loves is art and people, especially the connection between the two!

I have recommended Yoram to artist friends, and they too feel that they have significantly benefited from his intelligent contributions.

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פעמיים בשנה לפחות הוא מגיע לארץ ואלי לסטודיו.
אני מחכה לכל מפגש כזה!
כל ביקור יוצר אצלי תחושת התחדשות והפרייה.
הוא מביט בעבודות מנקודה של אדם עם אהבה ותשוקה רבה לאמנות.
הוא מכיר וזוכר מה עשיתי לפני שנים ומקשר בין הזמנים.
הוא מצליח לנסח עבורי מה התחדש בעשייה שלי לעומת השלב הקודם.
הוא גם לא חוסך ממני מה פחות טוב ואמר בכנות את דעתו.
כאשר הוא בטוח שעבודה היא טובה, אני לא נוגעת בה לפחות כמה חודשים, ובדרך כלל משתכנעת שנקודת ראותו הייתה נכונה.

במצבים בהם אני נתקעת אני יכולה לפנות אליו והתחושה שהוא מבין בדיוק על מה אני מדברת. היכולת שלו להזדהות קשורה גם לכך שנחבא בתוכו, צייר מניטורות.
הוא מכיר את התחושות של האמן המתלבט, הלא בטוח, הבודד בתוך העשייה שלו ולכן להתייחסויות שלו יש מימד אמין ואוטנטי.

מבחינה כלכלית, אני מוכרחה לומר שאפשר לחלק את האמנות שלי לזו שלפני יורם וזו שאחרי. ברגע שהוא נכנס לתמונה עבודות שלי החלו להימכר. בנוסף, הוא יצר לי קשר עם הגואיש מיוזיאום ועבודת וידאו שלי נרכשה ומוצגת שם באוסף הקבוע. רכישת העבודה על ידי המוזיאון פתחה בפני את הדלת לטוקיו.

המפגש שלי עם יורם גרם לי להבין הרבה יותר כיצד מתנהל עולם האמנות ובנדיבותו, הוא תמך בי בעניינים שאינם קשורים בגלריה שלו. הוא עזר לי מאד ביחסי עם העולם היפני ואף הגיע לטוקיו, על חשבונו, על מנת לסייע ולתלות את התערוכה שלי שם, באופן יוצא מן הכלל- גם במושגים יפניים.

יורם אדם מעורב ונדיב ונותן מעצמו במלאות למה שהוא אוהב והוא אוהב אמנות ואנשים ובמיוחד את החיבור ביניהם!
המלצתי על יורם בפני חברים אמנים וגם הם מרגישים שלמדו ממנו רבות.

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Yoram’s sharp, truthful and insightful critiques have offered me a new confidence in my work. His attention and focus helped me reach for goals I had all but put aside

This past year I had the opportunity of participating in a Mentor program conducted by the San Diego Fine Arts Society. This program offered me a chance to work with Yoram Gil for a whole year. For me this experience was an eye opener- a confirmation of just why I chose to be an artist in the first place.

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Yoram’s sharp, truthful and insightful critiques have offered me a new confidence in my work. His attention and focus helped me reach for goals I had all but put aside in my career. Yoram’s passion, care and commitment offered me a new path to growth in a way I haven’t had before during my entire 20 years of making art.

Each task or assignment was a challenge which now became a process I will continue following throughout the rest of my career. Yoram’s honest straightforward approach of pushing and encouraging me to stay with my core and reach for my goals has been invaluable.

Yoram was able to help me recognize my weaknesses and overcome them.

At the same time, with his guidance, I have come to also recognize my strengths and focus on them in a way I feel leads me to the level of artistic integrity I have been craving ever since. I feel more confident and better connected to my uniqueness, my process, my core and how I approach my work and career.

I feel confident that with the support of this program I will be able to reach my goals as a professional artist. Yoram’s honesty, expertise and deep caring touched me and indeed changed me.

Yoram helped me escape a deep painter’s block and he continues to give me excellent career advice.

I used to be a regular visitor at the Gallery Yoram Gill because I respected his taste in art, so I jumped at the chance to take him as an advisor when he decided to make his career move.

I am not sorry. In the several months that we have been working together Yoram helped me escape a deep painter’s block. He gives me excellent career advice and continuously encourages me to identify my core and progress toward my true goals as a painter.

It is hard to get good un-biased opinion and advice from associates and friends. Yoram won’t sugar coat or give political platitudes and that’s worth a lot to me. As an artist, I need reality and the truth from an outside expert. That’s what I depend on Yoram for.

I would not hesitate to recommend Yoram to any artist seeking progress in any of their artistic endeavors.

Meeting Yoram Gil was a turning point in my career.

I was classically trained and a serious working painter/sculptor ever since. My skills and talent allowed me to indulge in many different styles. I truly could do anything I felt like doing and the outcome would always be good. As a consequence I had no signature style that would unmistakably identify me with my work. I knew this was important in order to exhibit my work successfully and I sought professional help.

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Fortunately I was introduced to Yoram who immediately recognized what I needed. He reviewed my work, analyzed it and patiently discussed with me my views, my approaches and what mattered to me the most in what I was doing. Eventually (and to my delight) Yoram pointed out what and where he perceived was my core.

I am not one who readily accepts outside interference with my work. This time the direction Yoram pointed out felt just right, almost familiar. It was what I was seeking for myself for ever and never was able to pinpoint. Now motivated, with joy and a distinct signature style and Yoram’s support I feel I am doing the best and most original work of my career.

I am thankful for what Yoram has helped me discover. I am inspired by his excellent coaching and can foresee in my future a career progress lined up for me with his continues guidance and support. I would not hesitate to recommend Yoram to any artist seeking progress in any of their artistic endeavors.

His guidance and shear expert knowledge has plucked me from the mundane and helped me find a new direction for my work

After spending many years treading water with my art career, uncertain to where I was going, I found in Yoram Gil to be a champion. His guidance and shear expert knowledge has plucked me from the mundane and helped me find a new direction for my work. He has helped me make some tough decisions and has not held back on constructive criticism to further my growth as an artist. Understand this he will not coddle you. He will be an honest, firm but fair and will demand that you “do the work.” This is important for you to be successful under his care.

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Being introduced to Yoram through the San Diego Fine Arts Society’s year-long Mentorship program has been the highlight of my art career to date. With Yoram’s experience, open dialogue, and direct approach, there should not be any reason that an artist, under his guidance, should not reach one’s full potential. I feel that in the art world Yoram is a “Living National Treasure.”

If you have any queries about his program or my experience with it, please contact me through my website.

I was again tremendously motivated, back in sharp focus, and expanding my business

Bruce KapsonFor me Yoram Gil is the consultant’s consultant. I am able to make this statement wholeheartedly and with no reservations.

The year 2007 marked my 25th anniversary as an art dealer. I am considered an expert in my field. I have worked as a museum curator, an independent research scholar and as a consultant to governments, academia, and individuals.

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But sometimes even experts need assistance, and an objective outside overview. I had come to just such a point in 2006 and was fortunate that I knew the art consultant to call upon.

I called Yoram Gil, who is experienced, insightful and equal importance, immensely creative.

In relatively short order, six meetings over three weeks, I was again tremendously motivated, back in sharp focus, and expanding my business—all as a direct result of my work with Yoram.

Yoram understands art and artists; he can help setting and achieving realistic goals and he applies his skills with compassion.

To say that Yoram is honest and forthright is stating the obvious.

What makes his honesty valid and worthwhile however is his vast experience in both art worlds- that of creativity and of commerce. He has both created artwork and sold it. He can spot excellent artwork even in the raw stage and he has formed a network of invaluable contacts through his gallery dealings.

Yoram knows the art market from the inside (both national and international) and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge. In my experience finding these qualities, knowledge and information all combined in one person is rare.

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I’ve known Yoram for the past 25 years. I have shown with him in almost every gallery he has owned or was associated with. Throughout these years I have been privy to his informal coaching by listening to the wisdom of his advice which he generously and freely offered. I am now thrilled to have him as my “official” art mentor and coach.

Why now? I found myself wanting to make a major change from my previous hyper-realistic work to more abstract art. I didn’t know how to speed-up the process, incorporate my previous work skills, or how to judge the validity of the work I was now producing. Yoram is helping with all that and more.

Would I recommend Yoram to other artists? Yes; this is a man who understands both art and artists, who can help setting and achieving realistic goals. Yoram has the contacts, knowledge and honesty and above all the compassion to apply those skills.

Yoram’s commitment knows no bounds

Daniel WindsorFor over 10 years, Yoram Gil has been a mentor and a friend of mine. During five of these, I worked for him as a gallery assistant.

Yoram has worked in every facet of the art business from being an artist and a framer; to running his own gallery and consulting gallery owners, artists, and buyers.

Yoram drew upon this vast experience as he taught me about the art business and all the tricks of the trade. I have been to dozens of art shows and galleries with him, and have learned proper ways of dealing with clients, as well as hanging, displaying, and installing complex works of art.

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He taught me proper ways to approach clients and how to build trust. I learned how to create relationships between artists and clients with a bond that would last a lifetime, and how art is truly an intimate exchange.

For Yoram, a sale is not something a person is pushed or tricked into but is a natural byproduct of natural friendships built on trust and honesty.

Yoram’s commitment knows no bounds, and I have literally driven all night in trucks with him to hang twenty pieces just so the client could see if an artist might be right in their lives.

He has an impeccable memory, which allows him to never forget a face or piece of work no matter how long ago he might have encountered it.

One of the wonderful things about Yoram is that he is always pushing himself, those around him, and the art world in new and exciting ways. Yoram views technology and various platforms for experiencing art as a thrilling new frontier and endless opportunity.

With him, I had the pleasure of creating websites and digital inventories long before they became the industry standard, with Yoram attacking these with the same enthusiasm and innovation as he does all aspects of his business.

Beyond being a great mentor in the art world, I can truly say that Yoram is one of my best friends, and the many gifts he has given me over the years have helped shape who I am today and unleashed an endless potential. The world needs more people like Yoram Gil.

With Yoram, we feel confident in our plans for growing an art career and an art collection

Edward BeckettWhat a mind and heart Yoram Gil brings to your table when you invite him in. You do not need to worry about him holding anything back. Yoram’s opinions are straightforward, candid and numerous. You will find his reasoning balanced, insightful and intelligent.

Because of his long life in the art world, coupled with decades of art gallery experience working with hundreds of artists and collectors, Mr. Gil is an excellent evaluator of artwork.

To have a gallerist of his caliber on your side is an immense relief…and joy. He possesses a love for life and art that is never masked. As both artist and art collectors, we feel confident in our plans for growing an art career and an art collection with the vast knowledge of Mr. Gil beside us.

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Upon examining my husband’s 25-year body of art work, Yoram could divine the differentiating feature that made Edward stand apart from every other artist—an absolute necessity in the business of art. Without mincing any words, he gave direction that was at once objective and motivational.

While we didn’t find ourselves agreeing with everything he had to say, we have been inspired by the totality of his inputs. My husband’s art career and our art collection are far richer for it.

It is an honor and privilege to share my thoughts about Yoram Gil with you.

I feel reassured knowing that Yoram is there for my art and for me!

Hagit Shahal

In March 2008 I was stuck, and unable to continue with my artistic work. This is when I first met Yoram. Right off the bat, in our first meeting, I felt that I had made a good choice. Yoram turned out to be an empathetic coach who understands and loves art.

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At the time I was at the very beginning of new relationship with a reputable London gallery, something I never done before.

Suddenly I had all my priorities confused and no plan of action. I became anxious and was thrown off my own creative path. Yoram helped me ground myself, reorganize my priorities and set a plan to meet the new challenge.

He educated me about the process and pointed to possible pitfalls along the way. This enabled me to calm down, overcome the rising anxiety, and with clarity and renewed confidence to return to my studio.

Yoram helped me understand the dynamics of both local and international artist-gallery relationships. He guided me as I maneuvered and successfully forged this new, important relationship. Because I lacked previous experience, his insight was of great value to me.

Even though I consider working with Yoram strictly professional, nevertheless I also know I have gained a supportive friend who really cares. If I am reluctant to initiate a phone session, worrying that I might inconvenience Yoram as he travels, it is he who will encourage me to go for it. And I always come out enriched, supported, and with renewed energy.

When I tell Yoram about my artistic doubts, frustrations and wonderings, or when I question myself about my career and how or what’s next, I feel that he gets it! He knows exactly what I am trying to say and his response and suggestions always help me regroup by replacing my confusion with clarity.

I feel reassured knowing that Yoram is there for my art and for me!

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I was an artist before we met and thanks to Yoram, I have been able to stay an artist.

Marc VinciguerraYoram is a great adviser for artists. He will not tell you how to think, but respects the mental life that you already have.

He will help you create the words that make your vision stronger.

He reminds you to keep your level of excellence high, and this is where he is at his best. His power as a man and as an art connoisseur is stimulating, and he reminds you that to stay an artist you have to confront nature and exercise — not occasionally — but constantly.

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His expertise at the level of drawing is impeccable and profound. And since drawing is the basis of visual art that alone should tell you something about who Yoram is.

He would tell me that some artists get famous, and then they stop being true artists, that they lose the quality of their work.

Yoram will keep you in the courtyard of Rembrandt, where activity, discovery and craftsmanship are the core of any artist who dares to call themselves by this name.

What he tells you once will help you 10 years later, and decisively. I was an artist before we met and thanks to Yoram, I have been able to stay an artist.

If you have been looking for a patient, passionate and knowledgeable artist’s coach, consultant, and art dealer, look no further.

I met Yoram only a few months ago: A group of six dedicated artists was preparing THREAD/bare, an exhibit that visually explored and bared the multi-faceted threads of life. I was one of these artists.

The THREAD/bare group invited Yoram for a consult. With a keen eye for the exceptional, he quickly pointed to each artist’s strongest pieces among a wide selection of outstanding works. Needless to say, the show was extremely well-received.

If you have been looking for a patient, passionate and knowledgeable artist’s coach, consultant, and art dealer, look no further.

Success is a choice, and defined by each person, which is why I hired Yoram Gil as my art coach several months ago.

We have been working through studio visits and critique of my work, to help me bring my art career to the next level. He is my sounding board for ideas as well as advice and support. Yoram takes time and care with all of my work, to help me find direction and distinguish myself in this massive art world.

I am a ceramic artist/sculptor with a studio at Studio Channel Island Art Center. My work incorporates my emotions and depth…..and Yoram helps me clarify my vision.

Yoram has been a tremendous help in propelling my art forward.

He’s straight forward, honest and direct and does not waste time! Each session he goes straight to the heart of things and addresses exactly what I am asking for. With his help I have streamlined my presentation in my studio, weeded out work that no longer suits my goals, have a focused new body of work in progress with a specific plan for exhibiting it. He told me my goals were not big enough and is making me reach even higher. This encouragement without sugar coating anything is so appreciated.

Yoram is exactly what I was looking for in a coach and I would recommend him highly to anyone who is ready to hear what he has to say, follow his advice and do the work. I’m optimistic about the future and look forward to a long collaboration with him.

Teaming up with Yoram has been one of the best investments in my art career.

—Terri Lloyd

I read every submission, and I promise that you will hear from me as soon as possible.Yours,
Yoram Gil
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    Yoram Gil has been involved in the art world as a miniaturist, gallery owner, private dealer, art adviser to collectors, and is now a coach to art professionals, helping artists move out of their stuck places and unleash their powers to become the best they can.

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